This extremely fun tour gives visitors an introduction to Malta’s most popular coastal towns while you bathe in the gorgeous light of the setting sun. Starting with a cruise around the promenade that is characteristic of Sliema and St. Julian’s. Feel like one of the ‘in’ crowd as you pass by the towns’ most widely frequented beach clubs. Then just before you catch your first ferry of the day to the island’s capital, take in views of its stunning fortifications at Tigné Point. This will present the first of many wonderful spots to take photos. Once in Valletta, you can admire the imposing entrance, with the Triton Fountain and the particular design of the Parliament House. This is followed by a cruise through Valletta’s most charming streets, stopping off at various places of interest, such as the Siege bell war memorial and the Lower and Upper Barakka Gardens. Once here, you can immerse yourself in Malta’s contemporary history and see the saluting battery, World War II headquarters and war rooms, as well as the NATO tunnels. The last part of the tour features a second ferry ride to the gorgeously unspoilt Three Cities, starting off with a cruise around the marinas and Fort. St. Angelo. After this, you can decide whether to continue back to St. Julian’s by scooter or leave your e-scooters behind and take a closer look at the Three Cities or Valletta. You can use your ferry return tickets to Sliema at your leisure.

From €60

What to Expect

    25km roundtrip e-scooter guided fun tour in the red skies

    Promenade cruise around the most attractive beaches and interesting
         neighbourhoods of St. Julian’s and Sliema

    Ferry harbour cruise to Valletta passing Manoel island

    Scooter tour of Valletta, starting off with the best-known monuments,
         parks and buildings and then most interesting and typical streets

    A second ferry ride takes you on a cruise around the stunning Three
         Cities harbour

    Scooter cruise around the Three cities marina and Fort. St. Angelo

    Stop off for photo opportunities throughout the entire tour at all the
         top Instagram hotspots

    Option to leave your e-scooter at this point and walk around the Three
         Cities and Valletta or ride back to our starting point in Balluta Bay.

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