Rent a Scooter Malta

Rent a scooter Malta has never been this much fun!

Are you up for some adventure?

Check availability for €20 single day bookings below.

For €15 multi day hire please call +356 2746 4450 or +356 7718 0422

Rent a Scooter in Malta Today!

Get around Malta with our E-twow GT2020 electric scooters which can go up to 50km on a single charge.

Starting at just €15 per day for multi-day or €20 for a 1 day only. We have the lowest prices for the best quality scooter rentals in Malta.

Helmets(optional) are free and we give you a charger for long term hire.


Our scooters are lightweight, fully foldable and can be recharged in hotels, cafes, bars and restaurants at no cost.

With front and rear suspensions, front and back lights, they are super easy to use and super comfortable.

folding e-twow gt scooter

Key Features of the GT

Best High Performance Light Scooter: the GT is packaged with a 700W motor & 10.4Ah battery, tipping the scale at just under 13kg, there is nothing else like the GT currently available.

Construction Quality: E-Twow has a superb track record in not compromising with product quality. Every detail has been constantly updated & refined; the GT is the result of many generations of incremental improvements, it is the pinnacle of current technology.

Maintenance Free Operation: this is a near zero maintenance scooter, you will not have to worry about getting flat tires.

Ergonomic Thumb Controls: in contrast to most other scooters, the accelerator & brake action are made with the thumb action; this is a more natural action than an extended finger with a traditional Dashboard interface.

Suspension: quoted by one reviewer as ‘the best suspension’ he’s ever tested. The recessed rear spring & hinged motor joint do an excellent job of smoothing out the ride.

Back-up Foot Brake: to complement the front motor’s electronic regenerative braking, there’s a backup foot brake to help bring the scooter to an emergency short stop.

folding e-twow gt scooter

You can even take our scooters aboard the new fast ferry to the island of Gozo.

Or if you would prefer to join a group for some fun, then be sure to check  our daily group rides. We will take you to all the top sights that Malta’s central and south east coastal regions have to offer. You can find out more HERE.

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